FANATICS Advanced Approvals

With the Odoo add-on "FANATICS Advanced Approval," we can prevent incoming invoices from being paid erroneously.

Thanks to an automated workflow based on characteristics such as the supplier and invoice amount, the appropriate template is selected and applied.

Approvers have their own screen (and thus do not require access to the accounting system) to view, evaluate, approve, reject, or forward invoices.

Up to three approval levels can be set, which can also be adjusted per invoice by the bookkeeper or accountant if necessary. Each action is recorded in an audit trail for subsequent verification. Additionally, notifications, notes, and reminders can be easily sent when needed.

€ 50.00 50.0 EUR € 1.00 VAT Excluded per month

€ 1.00 VAT Excluded

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Odoo version: 16.0

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