DigitalWork Agreements

Digital Collaboration Handbook

One of the biggest IT frustrations for employees involves uncertainty about the systems to use, the do's and don'ts, security, and work agreements.

To address these frustrations and provide clarity for the future, we are collaboratively creating a handbook called 'Digital (Collaboration) Work Agreements' with the input of all departments.

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​How does it work?

We will organize a series of short workshops, preferably with at least one representative from each department attending. Every two weeks, we will meet several times to discuss one chapter of the upcoming agreement document.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Which Apps do we use and how to access them?
  • How do we handle passwords, multifactor authentication, etc.?
  • Are we going paperless, either fully or partially? And what does that look like in practice?
  • How do we collaborate on documents, internal projects, and client projects?
  • How do we use the intranet, and what information do we share there?
  • Where do we store everything? Will we work with an archive?
  • How do we manage email signatures? Where can we find information about our brand identity?
  • When to use emails, Teams messages, or schedule a meeting?
  • When do you create a new Teams channel, and which Apps within Teams do we use/not use?
  • What information is public, what can be shared, and what information should not be disclosed?
  • ​How do we handle incoming requests, links in emails, and how to recognize phishing?
  • What is the procedure in case of a data breach?
  • * What training resources are available, and how do you gain access?
  • * Agreements regarding the (private) use of IT resources
  • ​Do's and don'ts with examples for each chapter

Ultimately, we will develop bottom-up work agreements (within the guidelines monitored by our consultants) that will be shared and approved by management.
This will be compiled into a digital handbook serving as a reference guide and can easily be expanded further as needed.