Security isn't easy but can be more enjoyable

When we started in the IT industry years ago, security was mainly about making passwords more complex. Knowing something and having access to the office was usually considered safe enough. However, with cloud computing, phishing, ransomware, bring your own device, stricter government regulations, and the desire for easier collaboration and information sharing, security has become an entirely different ball game. It's now a specialty. Valuable data deserves proper protection.

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Security Ad​vice

Understanding the risks you face and knowing how to mitigate them is what security is all about. And in the era of cloud computing, it's more crucial than ever.

By training employees on how to handle IT, you can prevent data breaches (or something even worse).

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If the IT roadmap is clear, you might consider inviting one or more IT service providers to submit their quotes. We can help you set this up together with you. Of course, we will not participate in the pitch ourselves. 

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